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Jonar_Nader_High_res_B&W_2 tint This blog does not allow readers to post their comments, because blogs with comments become messy and distracting. In order to keep this site clean and easy to navigate, we would prefer that you write to us via my website. I, or someone from my team, will respond to you if your note requires/requests a response. If your note is urgent, please let us know. Otherwise, please be patient as we sift through the many notes we receive on a daily basis from all around the world.

I never ignore my readers. If you write to me personally, only I will see your note. No one from my office has access to my private email. If I am inundated, and your note is not of a private nature, I might forward it to one of my managers in order to serve you faster.

I abhor corporations and executives who are unreachable. It is disgraceful that people in the public arena or in senior positions never return calls or never get to see notes addressed to them. If you contact us, we will contact you… assuming your note is somewhat reasonable (sadly, there are nut-cases out there, and such people go to the bottom of the pile).

So please write to me. My readers are a vital part of my connection with what’s going on. Your experiences and reactions are valued and welcomed.

The best way to contact me or my office is via my official website which is at in the ‘Talk to us’ section.

My team and I read all our emails, and we would love to hear from you. However, for a quick message, feel free to use this form. It will reach me.

Your message will not be posted. It remains private.
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I do not mind civilised criticism, no matter how harsh, so long as it is polite and sent with good intentions. Raving loonies are handled by my legal team.

If certain posts are inaccurate or out of date, we would appreciate your taking the time to set us straight.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to join my mailing list or database, you can do so at my website. Your emails and details will never be sold or abused. I do not send out a newsletter, but I do let people know about major releases or important events.

See you around.

Jonar Nader