Diplomacy and corruption

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There are those who fear the nuclear bomb, and they worry about terrorists who might get their hands on high-powered weapons. Here, Jonar Nader asks about the most frightening aspect of the war on terror, and says that there is something more worrying than the bomb.

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Here is the transcript:

Jonar Nader: The worst tool on the war on destiny where we are currently destined and we keep using this tool is politics. And what’s the definition of politics? Politics is the peace time tool. Politics is the peace time tool that we use to protect our power base. We are using a peace time tool to fight a war. Tell me, is that an oxymoron or a conflict or what? You cannot use politics to fight a war. And we keep using politics and the worst tool for combating terrorists is diplomacy. The definition for me of diplomacy is that diplomacy is only useful when the other party has the upper end. If the other party has the upper hand, you have to be diplomatic.

So, basically, if we are diplomatic with the enemy, what we’re really saying is that the upper hand. So, how is that for a good start? What must we fear most in this war on terror, in the war on destiny? What do I fear most every single day of my life? I who know the sound of a bullet within millimeters. You know, when you hear a sound of a bullet, first, it sounds like a mosquito. Second, you’ve got to think faster than a bullet can travel and ask yourself if you should I duck, should I move, and you realize that the odds are so – either way, that you’re better off just standing still because if you move or duck, you might cop the next one. It’s important to know what to do.

And what do I fear most everyday? Well, when I ask certain people, they talk about the bomb. Yes, I feel that too. But higher, worse than a bomb that I fear everyday is this invisible, intangible and all my work is about invisibility and intangibility. That’s why no one – that’s why I’m self-unemployed because no one wants to know and understand. They can’t see and touch and feel. And prove it to me, Jonar and show me the data. They say with their lovely American accent. Show me the data. Prove to me. Wow, it’s difficult. And corruption is another invisible, intangible show me the data, I can’t. And corruption of the soul, corruption of the servant, the manager and corruption of society, and they’re three different things. Oh but we don’t have corruption in this country, do we?

We don’t have corrupted souls. We don’t have corrupted thinking. No. And this scares me the most because it is through corrupted individuals who say, ‘Oh he gave me a hundred to get it through while he just helped me out and I let him go through. It seemed insignificant. Information is easily snatched snatched from the hands of those who do not know its significance. And everything happens in little bits and pieces, and they say, ‘Oh well, it doesn’t concern me. It doesn’t concern me.’

Corruption. Well, let me talk to you about this world of opposites. The reason I started this series called How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People, How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Your Boss, How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Terrorists etc, is simply because I really believe that if you don’t understand the opposites of your virtues, those opposites will come and bite you in the bottom. If you value peace and you don’t know how to fight, you will lose. You can value it all you like. I value peace, I value peace, peace. And I love it when the world get up and say ‘I call for world peace.’ To who where they speaking? Yes, we all value peace. Yes, we all value it. It’s useless to say. It’s like someone knocking on your door asking you, ‘If I can show you how to be rich, would you be interested?’ What a stupid question. I call on peace. Yes. Oh, yes. I can just see these maniac divinely-driven people when they hear the Pope, bless him, or Nelson Mandela or the queen: I call this Christmas time, I have a call for peace. I could just see the likes of Osama Bin Laden, and everybody saying, ‘You know guys, the queen was so eloquent, let’s put down our guns. I don’t understand. So the opposites: if you value honesty in your organization and you don’t know what dishonestly looks like, you will be had. I worked in retail, and the retail organization went to great lengths to show us how people stole things. And that was the smartest thing they could do. You’ve got to show us how to cook the books so that we know when we’re being cooked. You’ve got to show us how how a thief is dismantling something so that we know what to look for.

So, therefore, the opposites simply say, if you value peace, you’ve got to learn how to fight. If you value patience, you must learn how and when to become impatience.

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