Those who hesitate, will lose

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If we eventually work out which types of terrorists are the most dangerous, and if we finally understand what we need to do about it, problems will emerge because our society is diplomatic and hesitant. In this video, Jonar Nader explains the obstacles. Further below is a transcript of the video.

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Here is the transcript:

Jonar Nader: The problems have been, that we don’t know how to do what we know we should do. We know what we should do but we don’t know how to do it. And what – what should we do? We must act at high speed. Resolute action at high speed with lightning strikes but our system does not allow because I want to see a white paper on that, a green paper on that. Let’s meet in Geneva to discuss it and let’s see what they have to say about it and then maybe three months later we’ll see if we can get the coalition of someone. We lose. Resolute action at high speed.

Horror is when we have a single isolated event generated through evil machinations. That happen and pass and we call that horrible. Terror on the other hand is the anticipation of random and recurring horror that remains poised to taunt but I go back to my earliest slide. Terrorists aren’t so much interested in just being there to taunt. They taunt you to keep you on your toes but that’s not their goal. That’s not their aim. That’s not their game plan. This is all distraction. They are not interested in bombs and killing. They are interested in one thing. And how they arrive at it will simply depend on what they have at their disposal. And when you have nothing at your disposal, you’ll strap something to you and go and blow yourself up. But when you have something more sophisticated than that, you might use it. So, people will use what’s at their disposal.

I said earlier, criminals and I use the word terrorists and I verify there’s a big difference between a criminal and a terrorist. You know, we often say that criminals are there to break the law. They’re set out to break the law. Do you realize that criminals actually love the law? They want the law? You see, the law says, you will not have a gun in your house. The criminal loves that because the criminal knows that on chance, you don’t have a gun. And of course, they walk in with a pistol. They have the upper hand. The criminal loves the fact that it says no parking, no stopping. They love that because they come and park and stop because they want to break the law. And they give out false ID and just run and never pay their bills and never – but they want you to obey the law so they have the upper hand. That’s the criminal.

But the terrorist is not there to break the law. They are there to change our law. Not to blow us up. The ultimate game is to change our way of life to theirs because God has sent them on a mission and how dare you infidels stop them and get in their way. The war on terror is not a political war but a war on our system of politics. And yet, we somehow think that we can negotiate. We can talk with people who have no concept of defeat. How on earth can you negotiate with someone where no matter how you threaten it, there is no concept of defeat? Fascinating indeed. What the terrorists fear more than death? Because they don’t fear death, so much so they’ll strap themselves and die in their mission. Death is not – it’s inconsequential.

In fact, there’s a lot of heroics after death. You get monuments and families cheering your families and there’s great reward. No, they don’t fear death at all. But there is something they fear more than death and that is called humiliation. And you can use that tool. But if you use that tool to humiliate them, you had better win as quickly as a lightning strike or you have just poked the crocodile or a tiger or a spider. If you’re going to poke, you had better be ready to win. There is no second chance. And there is something that they value more than life. There are women out there who say to these leaders, ‘I’m happy to keep having babies and they’re your soldiers. Take them.’ 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 and they strap bombs to them and they love their kids. Of course, they do. But they have a bigger mission. They value life but there’s something they value more than life and that is honor. And there’s great store in honor. And if you understand the psyche of this humiliation and honor, it would help better to know what we can do about it. A long story indeed. I’m just poking the fire with you.

I suggest that they prevail because of our lack of conviction. There was a time when you wouldn’t dare do anything out of chivalry that would hurt innocent people. When we were fighting the battle in the good old days with swords and – we thought, innocent women and children leave them alone. Now, not only are the women and children sad casualty of war, they are a target of war. Now, if your enemy is prepared to go to any length – now, am I suggesting we go kill women and children? No. But what I’m saying is, the fact that we would not do it, gives us a weakness because they would.

Now, you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t fear death, who will do anything and you’re dealing with us who are slow and work by a committee and not sure who the leader really is. Is it caucus or congress or the senate or the populace or the media or the hot women? We find strength through technological supremacy and common wealth. We say, we have unity and we have technology. Surely eventually, if we tap every phone call and monitor every passport… And they are strengthened by our failings. Maddoff, who’s failing was it? Who’s failing but a collective stupidity that allowed that to happen?

The September 11 bombers, the September 11 people, two of them – well, most of them were on the most wanted list. Two of them were stopped weeks before, just a few weeks before, not long like two or three weeks before, was stopped for some other little misdemeanor or some little query. But we have casual officers and the casual officers didn’t connect that they were on the most wanted list and they say, ‘Thank you, sir. On your way.’ They have even met. One of the September 11 bombers went through the x-ray thingy scanner and beeped. They had them there. Well, we’re a bit lax. And you must say, ‘Yes, we’re lax.’ Because we’re not experienced and we don’t expect it.

Do you know what happened in Israel when every single week, a few years back, every single week, there was a suicide bomber on a bus. Do you remember those days when you heard of another suicide bomber on the bus or city square? Every single week. And in one of those many, many, many weeks hence, a lady walked in and she beeped. And the soldier, the Israeli soldier who’s as experienced as they come, who has seen it all, said to the lady, ‘I’m sorry. I can’t let you through. You have to be searched.’ She said, ‘You can’t search me. You’re a man. A woman has to search me.’ He said, ‘Fine. We have no women soldiers here. Can you wait a little bit?’ She said, ‘I don’t mind waiting, I have to get through.’ He said, ‘Well, you just have to wait.’ She said, ‘Fine. I’ll wait.’ He said, ‘Look, you can’t stay. Come in here.’ And then took her in, got his access card, peep peep, open the door to the office and said, ‘Just wait here.’ where all his other officers work. Bang! Finish. Seven people dead in one second.

How can this officer who knows every – you see what – it’s just incredible how the human mind works? That he actually lets her into the citadel to explode in there. It just shows you just this how – you know, oh my nephew didn’t understand because he’s young and the investors didn’t know because they were honest… Hey, this is really tough stuff. We fail a lot. And our worst strategic mistake is hesitation. Those who hesitate will lose.

Jonar Nader: And we keep hesitating left right and centre because it’s a popularity game. We have a war to fight but it’s a popularity question. ‘Oh before I make a decision, I have to check with the polls…’

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