How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Competitors
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In life, those who are content, are the richest of all.
In business, those who are content, are sitting ducks.

For managers who blame poor performance on competitors, their fiercest competitor is the enemy within. Unable to innovate, they turn to dangerous and foolish cost-cutting. Alas, it takes no brain-power to sack staff, postpone training, close offices, and downgrade quality.

Imagine the rewards if their organisation did, what it said it would do, properly, the first time, and only once. More can be gained by plugging the hole, than from refilling the bucket.

When they run out of ideas, executives announce greater customer service, but this has little to do with how they treat clients. It’s about how earnestly their team embraces self-improvement.

Never mind ‘total quality management’ or ‘best practice’. Instead, deliver on the brand promise — then improve upon it one-percent daily. Jonar calls this: One Percent EXcellence. Welcome to the OPEX Challenge. It will turn your company on its head, and make your competitors feel that they are hanging upside down.

Published by Plutonium

450 pages, Paperback

ISBN 978 0 646 51282 2