How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People, Fourth Edition
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We were taught to be patient, yet impatience is also a virtue. We were encouraged to be tolerant, yet intolerance is a characteristic of successful people. We were told to win friends and avoid conflict, yet it is vital to learn how to fight against time-thieves who stop us from achieving success and happiness.

This tantalising book is the most explosive text in decades. It is for people who are fed up with inaccuracy and untruths. It is a tool for those who have the vision to shape new futures and the courage to realise their dreams.

Come on a journey that will enrich and liberate you as you learn how to tackle the roots of personal achievement, management, and leadership.

You will feel liberated and fulfilled when you say what needs to be said, fight for what needs to be won, and do what must be done -- even if you might lose friends and infuriate people.

This fourth edition contains 28 chapters. One of them is a 10,000-word chapter about terrorism, called, ‘Infuriating Terrorists: Why tolerant people must not tolerate intolerant people.’

It also includes a new chapter about the cost-cutting frenzy. In criticising corporate executives, Jonar says, ‘Cost-cutting is for wimps. Any fool can cut costs.’ He wants managers to learn how to charge their customers more, and have the customers pay more with pleasure.

Published by Plutonium

480 pages, Paperback

ISBN 9 780957 716599