How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Thinkers, Volume One in full colour
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This is an exquisite pocket-sized full-colour glossy publication that makes an ideal gift. It offers gems of wisdom and ideas on how you can rid yourself of time-thieves and soul destroyers -- even if, in the process, you too might have to lose friends and infuriate thinkers. Each page contains stunning photographs coupled with thought-provoking quotable quotes.

There are 128 full-colour high-gloss pages containing some of the most stunning photos coupled with quotable quotes that are witty, thought-provoking, or controversial.

Among the pages are short excerpts from the bestselling book, How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People.

Click on the cover on the side to see a larger image of the front and back covers as well as sample pages.

Published by Plutonium

128 pages, Hardcover

ISBN 0 9577165 1 6