Z -- Diary One, Hardcover
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A philosophical thriller with fast-paced military action, espionage, corporate corruption, human greed, romantic tension, and scientific revelations that are both worrisome and enlightening.

The ‘war on terror’ is merely child’s play. There will come a time when terrorists will declare real war, on each other, and you’ll be forced to take sides.

You’ve seen the horror that freedom-fighters can unleash. You’ve seen the devastation that demented terrorists can inflict. But could you combat the new breed of sophisticated terrorists who are intent on absolute power? Could you out-smart educated terrorists who seek retribution in the name of righteousness? Would you ever condone vigilante terrorists who commit the worst of acts for the purest of motives?

This novel is about a group of inspired terrorists whose actions not only changed the world, but also distorted it. They made their mark in a way that no dictator or fanatic had ever managed. No think-tank and no government had ever predicted such a scenario.

Would you fight for peace? Would you die for freedom? Would you kill for justice? Then again, what would convince you to surrender?

(The front cover of this book contains a battery-operated LCD module which has now been disabled due to problems associated with security concerns via the postal system.)

What Former Intelligence Officers and experts said about Z by Jonar Nader:
“This is compulsive reading at its most compelling. In a cleverly crafted but unpretentious story, Jonar Nader investigates the facets of human endeavor that design our future. His extrapolation is blindingly credible and has a scaring finality about it. Science, technology, and human nature are, in Nader’s analysis, exciting, creative, and potent – but they are also a lethal combination. In this seminal work, Nader postulates a ‘tipping point’ for the future of mankind. His timely and relevant predictions give us the chance to chart a better course – but we’d better not leave it too late. This has to be compulsory reading for every leader, manager, and parent from all races, religions, and beliefs – indeed, anyone who cares; anyone who wants to make a difference.”

Rear Admiral Peter Clarke
Former Nuclear Submarine Commander, British Royal Navy.
Submarine Group Commander, Royal Australian Navy.

Head of Knowledge Systems, Defence Force Organisation.

'This book is a pleasure to read. Nader makes us realise that if we are to win the war on terror, we must have the courage and the nerve to be absolutely merciless. Those who hesitate will lose. This book brilliantly shows the dangers of scientific achievement, especially if they fall into the hands of the enemy. For the sake of our children, and for the sake of peace, we must never allow that to happen.'

Captain Vladimir N. Savchenko
Former Officer

'Mr Nader presents us with a mind-numbing premise. Is the "human race" a timed event after all? Will today's world win the war on terror, only to lose it all to the age-old evils of corruption and greed? Will the very technology intended to save us, actually trigger our demise? Who are today's "techno-terrorists" and who is watching them? Let us hope we can find a way out of this.'

Thomas B. Locke
Former FBI Executive who directed the 9/11 initial response team at FBI Headquarters.

Tom supervised the FBI's first Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York City and worked on special assignments with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the US Army. Throughout his 32-year career, he received commendations from all six Directors of the FBI.

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Published by Plutonium

464 pages, Hardcover

ISBN 0 9577165 7 5